Day 1: Addis Abeba

Visit Trinity Cathedral, resting place of Emperor Haile Selassie. Tour the Museum, a great introduction to ethiopian culture and history. Make a short drive to Entoto hills for a view of the city and visit Maryam church. En-route, stop at Sheromeda Traditional cloth market. Visit the mercato or the sholla market, two of addis ababa’s main markets.
Overnight: New Day Hotel

Day 2: Addis Ababa – Bahirdar

Fly to bahir dar on ethiopian airlines. Take a boat tour on lake tans, the source of the blue nile, and tour ancient monasteries on the zege peninsula. We will visit two of the following monasteries: ura kidane mehiret, azwa maryam, mehal zege giorgis, and bete maryam. end the day with a sunset visit to bezawit hills overlooking the nile river.
Overnight: Naky Hotel

Day 3: Bahirdar – Gondar

Drive through the countryside to gondar. Tour the royal enclosure, a unseco world heritage site featuring five castles built by a succession of Ethiopian kings beginning in the early 17th century. Having survived several wars, including air raids during world war 2, the castles are a testament to the resilience of this once mighty empire. Visit the church of debre birhan selassie, famous for its religious art and especially its iconic ceiling depicting angels.
Overnight: Ag Hotel

Day 4: Gondar – Semien Mountain National Parks

Morning after breakfast drive to the jagged panorama of the simien mountains national park, famed for its exclusive landscape, afro-alpine vegetation and unique wildlife, where you may spot the endemic Wallia Ibex, gelada baboon troops, bushbuck, klipspringer. then drive back to gonder.
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Day 5: Gondar – Lalibela

Fly to lalibela on ethiopian airlines. Tour the magnificent rock-hewn churches, a UNESCO world heritage site. This group of eleven monolithic churches were carved directly into the stone mountainside at least 800 years ago. This complex boasts the largest monolithic church in the world,
a maze of passageways and tunnels, intricately carved reliefs, and fabulous
examples of icon paintings. In the late afternoon, enjoy a traditional coffee
ceremony and learn the process for baking injera (a staple food for much of Ethiopia.)
Overnight: Ag Hotel

Day 6: Lalibela

For the morning we have two options: take a morning hike with mules to the 13th century rock-hewn monastery of mount asheton. The walk provides wonderful views of lalibela and the surrounding countryside or drive to Yemrehanna kristos, a beautiful church situated in a shallow cave that predates the churches of lalibela. The drive to yemrehanna will give you the opportunity to view the rural countryside and villages of the ethiopian highlands. Following either option above continue with tour of lalibela’s churches in the afternoon.
Overnight: Panaromic View Hotel

Day 7:  Depart to Addis Abeba

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